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PLEASE READ the following:

  • One book may be checked out by Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st grade students
  • Up to two books may be checked out by grades 2 through 8
  • Books will be checked out to student only if they have no overdue items
  • Students will be held responsible for everything checked out
  • Most library materials may be checked out for a 2 week period
  • Books may be renewed for an additional 2 weeks by presenting the book at the check-out desk
  • Books in high demand may not be "renewable" (students should get them read in the first two week period)
  • Referrence books and current magazines stay in the library unless checked out by a teacher for classroom use. However, they are NEVER to leave the school grounds
  • Materials removed from the library without proper authorization will be regarded as stolen property
  • Students with overdue books will not be fined (however...see below)
  • Reminders of overdue books will be given to students
  • Any overdue material that has not been returned after reminders, will be considered LOST
  • Lost books MUST be paid for in full - Students will not be able to check out books until their lost book is found or paid for.
  • If after payment the book is found and returned in good shape, we will refund payment


  • A fine or book cost will be charged to damage to books beyond ordinary wear
  • The damaged material MUST be brought to the library/media center before an assessment of the damage can be made
  • If the material is slightly damaged but useable, the student will be charged an appropriate fee for repair
  • If the material is beyond repair, the student must pay according to the guidelines established for lost material
  • A request made by the student to keep damaged materials that have been paid for shall be granted

Page Revision - August, 2013
by Julie Kirkland
High Mount School District 116
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