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Welcome to the High Mount School Pre-K Web Page!

High Mount School's Pre-K At-Risk Program started in 1993 and is an age appropriate Pre-K Program based on the Illinois Early Learning Standards. My name is Tonna Smith and I have been with the program since 2000. Sarah Hillebrand is the full time aide. The program includes additional support from a half-time special eduation aide, the school's speech and language teacher, social worker and occupational thearpist.

Our Pre-K Program has an open door policy. Please be sure to stop by the office to sign in and get your visitors pass. We would love to have your help!

On this page you will find:

  • General information for parents
  • Links to Detailed Program Description & Early Learning Standards
  • Important Pre-K dates and events
  • The program's Curriculum & Assessment
  • School & Pre-K Calendar
  • Activities happening in the classroom
  • Messages of various information
  • Favorite Links

Thank you for using our page,

Mrs. Smith, Teacher & the Pre-K Staff
233-1054 ext. 308

For a detailed description of our program click HERE

Click HERE in order to view the Illinois State Standards for Early Learning

The following are "Bits-n-Pieces" of helpful infomation regarding our program:

  • Transportation: Any time your child's transportation to get HOME changes, please send a note with the name of the person who will be picking them up. We will check this person's drivers license for proof of identification. If the pre-arranged transportation home changes after you have dropped them off at school, please call the school office, 233-1054 and inform Mrs. Bone of the change or call 233-1054 ext. 308 to leave a message for Mrs. Smith.
  • Hours: AM (or morning) class is from 8:20 to 11:00am. Please bring your child straight to the Pre-K classroom or drive through the curved drive and drop them off in front of the building. The teachers on duty will help them out of the car and see that they get to their classroom.
    PM (or afternoon) class is from 12:30 - 3:00pm. Please do not arrive before 12:25 because we will NOT be in the classroom. We will be at lunch. NOTE: THE AFTERNOON CHILDREN DO NOT ATTEND SCHOOL ON SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT DATES, DUE TO THE EARLY SCHOOL DISMISSAL OF 11:30. Please check your school calendar for these dates.
  • Absences: If your child is going to be absent, you must call the school and report their absence (AM & PM) before 8:30am at 233-1054 ext. 300(the absentee phone line). If you should happen to call after 8:30, call the school office at 233-1054 or the Pre-K classroom at 233-1054 ext. 308.
  • Parking: For safety reasons, please never leave your car parked and running. If you must park your car, you may do so in the outer triangular parking lot or in the curved drive parking spaces. If you are waiting to pick up your child after school, you may stay in your car and wait in the curved drive. We will bring your child out to your car.
  • Snack: The Pre-K program provides a mid-morning and afternoon snack along with milk for the children. On their birthday, your child may bring in a special BIRTHDAY treat for snack time if they would like. It must be pre-packaged and store bought.
  • Folder: EACH and EVERY day, your child needs to bring the "daily" folder with his/her name on it. They will also need a backpack: one that they can open and close by themselves and is large enough for the folder to fit into without bending it. Please do not purchase a backpack that has wheels. They are too large to fit into the student cubbies (lockers).
  • Tennis Shoes: We ask that the children wear tennis shoes everyday. We play outside daily and our playground is covered in wood chips which tend to be uncomfortable when wearing sandals. We also go to the gym on Wednesdays. The children MUST have on tennis shoes to play in the gym.
  • Dress Code: Do backless shoes, dresses or shirts. Shirts must also cover the stomach and must have sleeves. Girls may want to wear shorts under their dresses since we will be sitting with our legs crossed on the carpet, playing in the gym and climbing on the playground equipment.
  • Field Trips: Field trips will be taken periodically throughout the school year. Your child MUST HAVE AN ADULT ACCOMPANY THEM in order to participate in the field trip. These trips will usually be scheduled on Fridays. You will receive a note describing the trip, along with a permission slip. You need to sign and return the permission slip to us. If you know that your child will be unable to attend the trip, please return the permission slip anyway letting us know that they are unable to attend (so we know that you received the field trip information and it wasn't lost). NO Smoking is allowed during school field trips.

Spring Break, April 21 - 25.

Early dismissal May 13th. There will be no afternoon Pre-K class.

Pre-K Graduation! May 19th at 6:00 p.m.

2011-2012 School Year Pre-K Screening to be held May 26th & May 27th. Location TBA.

Keep your eyes on this section of the web page for important information on upcoming events and activities.
See the Calendar Section of our page for details!

Many of our parents have asked how our breakfast works. You may purchase breakfast on a daily, weekly, monthly, or only as needed basis. If your child is not currently eating breakfast at school and would like for them to start, please write us a note and let us know. As mentioned previously, breakfast may be pre-purchased by sending in money to be placed in your child's breakfast account or you can send money in with your child on a daily basis. When your account gets low, you will receive a notice from the school cafeteria. Free and reduced breakfast prices are available for those who qualify finacially.
A Pre-K staff member will accompany the children to the cafeteria. Depending on the number of children eating breakfast, we will either eat there or bring it back to the classroom.

Click on the links below to go to some of Mrs. Smith's favorite sites that have fun instructional games!

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