High Mount School - Home Of The Trojans

Dear Parents/Guardians, I would like to introduce myself as the proud superintendent for High Mount School District 116. It is an honor to serve the community as the district superintendent! Together we will continue to build upon the many wonderful aspects of this school district!

I am committed to:
- providing a student-centered and safe environment in which every child can achieve to his/her potential;
- ensuring a viable and relevant curriculum with engaging instruction;
- building positive relations with all faculty and staff members, students, parents, and the community at large;
- maintaining fiscal responsibility;
- continuing and celebrating the traditions of excellence within High Mount School District.

I avidly encourage parents to get involved within our school community. Parental involvement and attendance at events are vital to our children. Together we can make this district stronger than ever! Additionally, please encourage your child(ren) to attend school regularly. When school attendance is a priority, your child(ren) will have more academic success, develop healthy life habits, and be set up for success! Please help us by getting involved at HMS and making school attendance a priority! Thank you!

In closing, High Mount staff continue to work tirelessly to make our school a place where kids want to come each and every day to challenge themselves, develop healthy social skills, and achieve all that they can achieve as learners! We all care deeply about the success of our children! We are lucky to have such a dedicated and caring staff whose focus and priorities are in all the right places – building positive relationships with each and every student! I look forward to working with you and your child(ren).

Dr. Beth A. Horner
Superintendent, High Mount School

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School History

The first school, consisting of one room, was built in 1880. By 1960, eight additional classrooms and a basement were added. In 1967, six more rooms and a multi-purpose room were added. In 1992, the new gym and two classrooms were added and extensive remodeling was completed. In April, 2001, the community voted to help High Mount expand the school. This expansion provided needed space for the growing student population, storage areas, and allowed for enhancements to the curriculum.

In 2003, great things happened again. Construction of a new wing began. We now have new and additional classrooms, band/chorus music room, science laboratory and new offices. In 2006 we installed an electronic marquee and constructed a new main entry-way.